Spine Surgery

At times, more severe degenerative or traumatic spine disorders result in persistent pain and/or neurological deficits which have a significant impact on a patient's quality of life and ability to enjoy normal daily activities. In many cases, conservative measures do not provide improvement or relief of symptoms for patients. In some of these cases, spine surgery can produce positive changes in one's symptoms leading to an increase in ability to function and return to a productive life. 
Northwest Spine Center provides state-of-the-art technology in spine surgery. For those patients who become surgical candidates after a well-informed process and extensive diagnostic work-up, our center offers highly individualized surgical treatment with established, reputable, well-trained, and specialized staff. 
Outpatient spine surgery allows patients to be treated in an effective and efficient manner, and return home the same day. We offer a supportive infrastructure with close follow-up and prompt access to your doctor and staff during the postoperative care.